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Friday, April 27, 2012

My Fridays at the shop ehhhh....

Put your quarters up fellas...


We recently purchased a race simulator set for the shop so we can jam on games on our free time lol. The TV is actually too big for the setup but we modified a flat TV wall mount to fit on their bracket. Normally their bracket only lets you hold up to a 32" monitor but we wanted that "in your face" action so we went with a 42". Note that your sitting literally 2-3ft away from the monitor so everything is huge LOL. Bought a PS3 and some racing games (Gran Turismo, Need for speed, ect..). The steering wheel has some killer feedback to it and feels pretty realistic. My only quirk about it would be where the shifter goes. It's a little wobbly when you shift but other then that a pretty solid unit.

My co-workers and I get pretty competitive and make bets like buying lunch for a week or washing each others cars. I normally win so I can't complain lol. Sometimes we get customers who want to have a go at it which of course is fine. We want customers to come in and talk to us like we've been friends for years. Come play games, hang out and talk BS. Just don't bring your problems at home here LOL.

Anyways here are more pictures of the rig.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BRIDE GIAS v2.0 w/ New Recliner mechanism!!

I love new toys.....

I just got my seat shipment in not to long ago and had a chance to try out the new version of the Bride Gias reps and man is the new recliner ef'in AWESOME! If some of you recall the version 1 Gias had the triangle knob where you had to keep rotating in order to recline. These new v2 Gias now have a quick recline feature where you twist the knob and hold (just like how you would lift up the bar on a stock seat) and reclines much easier. Also with 40 lock points it's just ridiculous. Such a subtle change and yet totally remakes the whole seat.

I haven't had a chance to install these just yet but just sitting in them I'm already in love. The quality of these seats are amazing. My customers have a hard time believing they're actually replica's. I always get questions asking me if these are authentic or reps which already tells me it's so hard to tell apart. These are priced very fair at $100 over the version 1 making it $850/Pair. I can also get them in Carbon Kevlar backing. Currently I'm only getting them in Gradation cloth as the demand for plain just isn't enough.

Let me know what you guys think!

Can be found here at my online webstore.

Monday, March 12, 2012



We're currently having a overstock sale special on the PLM RMF B-Series Narrow 4-1 Headers.
This design was based off the original RMF (Randy Monroe Fabrication) custom unit which was very widely popular. Some quick history on RMF. Randy who was in the business of making custom manifolds had some health issues and so orders were coming in but customers never receiving them. After many filed complaints from his customers not receiving what they paid for, he shut down his business and filed for bankruptcy. There were a lot of rumors that he spent the money on drugs and what not but he claimed they were for his medical condition. Some couldn't sympathize with him as they paid a lot of money for a custom unit but ended up being taken for a ride. In the end he owed a lot of people money or custom manifolds and disappeared from the scene. 
Some years later a company came out with a replica version of the unit at a fraction of the cost and readily available (no more 6-8 week wait). After being tested and dyno'd it proved itself to hold it's own against the original and competitors. Quality and craftsmanship is there and I can safely say this unit has proven itself. With over 10,000 units sold worldwide this unit is easily one of the best manifolds in its class.


The original price I sold them for was $400 (Shipping free within the 48 states).

Now the Sale price is $275 AND I'll throw in a FREE TEST PIPE to make the deal sweet PLUS Shipping is still free within the 48 states. This sale is for a VERY LIMITED TIME! Once I think I have enough rack space I will end this deal.

Thursday, March 8, 2012



Yesterday I came across this video being shared all across the web. It's a 30min informative video about what most of us don't know is going on in Africa. The videos focus is to make a tyrant warlord visible by means of popularity. This warlord named Joseph Kony of the L.R.A abducts children of Uganda and forces them to take arms to kill for no cause whatsoever. If they disobey orders, they are killed. If they run, they are killed. The girls are kidnapped and made sex slaves to help populate his army of children to fight a war with no cause. A young boy named Jacob helps shed light on the issues surrounding them. He speaks of his escape from Kony and how his brothers life was taken from attempting the same. How there's no hope for them to believe in and how it may be better for them to just be dead instead of hopeless & terrified. 

The campaign called "Invisible Children" has been trying to put a stop to this for almost 10 years but they need our help. They though that since no one knew who Kony was that no one cared. Well the solution was to make him famous. To make him a household name. To have his face plastered on every wall & social media outlet possible. Only then with Kony as famous as any American celebrity would the US Government help aid in the capture of Joseph Kony. By our generation demanding ACTION from our Government to take action and not sit back and watch these children be abducted and used.

Below are links on how to help. 
Help by donating a couple bucks and receive the Action Kit free. More importantly help because you want to put a stop to this.

-Kevin @ 415Racewurkz





Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Off Topic: Life underwater...

A little off topic ....but did you know you could feed the fish at the top of my page?!

A picture of my small 14 Gallon BioCube at the office. A bit dirty as I haven't changed the water in about a week but everything's doing fine. Added some new freshly fragged coral from my main tank at home which I'll do another post for some other day. I'm a bit crazy when it comes to the Aquarium/Fish keeping hobby. I have many, many, many fish largest at 240 gallons. I've recently been really into Reef keeping as the challenge is creating a whole ecosystem. Everything must be balanced and maintained for the ecosystem to mature, allowing the growth of their own food supply cycle.

In some future posts I'll get into coral care and what their requirements are. Certain conditions are needed for specific coral to thrive. Most being light conditions and placement. If anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to help. I'm experienced in all fields of this aquatic hobby from freshwater to reef keeping.

-Kevin @ 415Racewurkz

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Product Feature: BRIDE VIOS LOW MAX

Today's feature product is the BR-VIOS-LOWMAX Bucket Seat

** Please note these are not Authentic Bride Japan Seats. Bride is also a registered Trademark in Canada & Taiwan **

With its rigidness, form & style the BR-VIOS makes for 1 functionally affordable bucket seat.
These were produced for those of us that don't essentially have the bankroll to put out top dollar for it's original counterpart that functions & performs the same. These are perfect for use as a daily driver seat or even if you track/autocross professionally. These seats have the harness holes which utilize either a 4-Point or 5-Point Harness to hold you to your seat with minimal movement.

At first glance I was amazed by the quality of the seat. Having installed them in my car for a week I felt a little initial discomfort getting used to the form (coming from stock seats) but got comfy in them. I don't notice much flex when hard cornering and it holds me in snug with a bit of room to shift around. These fit up to a 34" waist (I'm a 32 waist so a 34 would be snug) so for those with smaller cars you now have more options (talking to you Miata & S2000 drivers out there!).

Welcome everyone to 415Racewurkz official blog!

Here we'll talk about what we do @ the shop and in depth reviews on current products on the market today.

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Stay Tuned!