Friday, April 27, 2012

My Fridays at the shop ehhhh....

Put your quarters up fellas...


We recently purchased a race simulator set for the shop so we can jam on games on our free time lol. The TV is actually too big for the setup but we modified a flat TV wall mount to fit on their bracket. Normally their bracket only lets you hold up to a 32" monitor but we wanted that "in your face" action so we went with a 42". Note that your sitting literally 2-3ft away from the monitor so everything is huge LOL. Bought a PS3 and some racing games (Gran Turismo, Need for speed, ect..). The steering wheel has some killer feedback to it and feels pretty realistic. My only quirk about it would be where the shifter goes. It's a little wobbly when you shift but other then that a pretty solid unit.

My co-workers and I get pretty competitive and make bets like buying lunch for a week or washing each others cars. I normally win so I can't complain lol. Sometimes we get customers who want to have a go at it which of course is fine. We want customers to come in and talk to us like we've been friends for years. Come play games, hang out and talk BS. Just don't bring your problems at home here LOL.

Anyways here are more pictures of the rig.

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